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The kiwifruit, as the “kiwi” is called in New Zealand, was introduced from China into the country in 1904. In 1927 the ‘Hayward’ cultivar, more popularly known as the green kiwifruit was created, which from 1960 became the most popular variety internationally and today corresponds to almost 90% of kiwifruit produced globally.

New Zealand has some of the best conditions in the world for growing kiwifruit: clean air, fertile soil, cool oceans, a generous climate and few pests and diseases.
All of this combined with advanced technology and management techniques contribute to the unique quality and incomparable flavour of kiwifruit produced in New Zealand.

Some facts about New Zealand kiwifruit production:
- Today there are approximately 2600 kiwifruit growers and 2900 kiwifruit orchards in New Zealand.
- Approximately 12.185 hectares of kiwifruit production
- 81% of New Zealand produced kiwifruit is located in the Bay of Plenty region.
- Zespri International Limited is the biggest organisation at the forefront of the global kiwifruit market, responsible for representing all New Zealand kiwifruit growers internationally. They focus mainly in: investments, marketing, premium product branding, commercialization of new varieties, quality control, customer service, sustainability and competitive profits.
Source: NZKGI

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