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NZ Rural Xperience

NZ RURAL Xperience works with Madson Nonato, NZQA registered agronomist, with professional experience in multinational corporations in Brazil and in New Zealand. He initiated his New Zealand career on a dairy farm and with his large network of contacts in the industry, he is able to offer our students the opportunity to legally work on dairy farms in the Bay of Plenty region, all of which are certified by Fonterra, a world leader in the field

​New Zealand is considered the world’s largest dairy exporter, the dairy industry being responsible for 12.2 billion NZ dollars (26% of the country’s export revenue) and employing more than 49 thousand people in the country (2015-16).

The high quality of NZ dairy is the main factor behind its huge success internationally, and the industry is rapidly and intensely expanding, even to orher countries of South America and the rest of the world.

​New Zealand RURAL Xperience offers the exclusive recruitment service to our students (those who are eligible to work 20 hours per week in New Zealand) ​to work on dairy farms certified by MPI (NZ) and Fonterra, where the best farming practices of premium export-quality dairy are followed, with accredited and trustworthy employers.

Therefore, we can guarantee the best international farm work experience, with the advantage of receiving all the benefits of a local worker, including a minimum salary of NZD $17.70 per hour worked and 8% holiday pay.

Also, we offer the exclusive service of return transport to your work place included in the package.

Come and live a New Zealand Xperience and make your CV shine!!

* We guarantee to provide you with a completion certificate of international professional experience.

​As we are a company located in the heart of New Zealand, we can offer you the best personalized service with our full attention on meeting your expectations and maximizing your investment in an adventure that will change your life.

​Contact us and begin your adventure now!!!


  • Enrol in an English course of at least 14 weeks duration through New Zealand Rural Xperience

  • Have a student visa with permission to work up to 20 hours per week.
    Note: we follow strict New Zealand immigration rules and we make no exceptions for you to work unless you have legal permission

  • Be advanced (level) in English

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Have an interest in farming and have at least 1 year of practical experience in the field

  • Learning English should be your main objective and the rural work be considered a secondary activity

  • You must begin the recruitment process at least 9 months before the date you plan to travel on

  • You must be keen to learn and experience the reality of the New Zealand farming industry.

  • Be able to work long hours if necessary (up to 12 hours per day) according to the time of the year

  • Sometimes the work involves lifting heavy weight (up to 20 kg), therefore you must be physically active

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